Cottages @ Fairlands

Fairland Cottages are situated in beautiful parklike surroundings, with Blue Water Dam – once an old quarry – and a flowing stream that meanders through it. Residents can relax in safe surroundings, stroll along the paths, and pause to enjoy watching the weavers build their nests overhanging the dam.

The cottages offer a town-house experience for those who still want the independence of their own home, but have access to medical help and facilities when needed, as well as the safety and security so relevant in these times.
The cottages range from those built in the 1970’s, the 1990’s and those more recently in 2007, which provide a more comfortable and
spacious option for residents. The older cottages have carports and undercover parking, whereas the newer cottages have garages
attached to the cottage.

There are 4 types of cottages that are currently on offer for prospective residents.

Our cottages are sold on a lifetime right basis. In the event that the resident should become too frail to be independent, they are guaranteed a bed in the Home.

If you wish to enquire about a unit, or wish to come view one for yourself, please phone our office at 043 051 2235